Miami Heat content using the Center Bam Adebayo

There was a time when few had any opinion on how Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo played basketball.

Now that he is among the most improved players in the NBA, everyone seems to have a say in how Adebayo should be used. Coach Erik Spoelstra came to Adebayo’s defense recently saying they are happy with his use.

“He’s a winning player,” Spoelstra said. “Look, no one three years ago paid attention to how Bam was playing. Now everyone has an opinion that he has to shoot it, where he has to turn it, how aggressive he has to be. He’s doing the right things for our team. This is the only thing that matters. Everyone else can defend, you know where. ”

Adebayo has always been a player at ease within a system. He had his only season at Kentucky and his first two years in the league before having a breakout this year. He’s averaging career highs in points, rebounds and assists and played in his first All-Star Game.

“(Spoelstra) is concerned about how I help this team win,” Adebayo said. “Everyone has opinions on how I help this team win. In October no one knew who I was and now everyone has all these opinions that say how I should do things, when I should do it, how I should do it. You didn’t have an opinion or you didn’t. you cared about me when we were in preseason in October. ”

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