Lucas Wilchez sends a message to Kalule Meléndez to play for Colina: “Fierro and Toro are here, campaign for me” | Dale Albo

Lucas Wilchez left a good memory in his time at Colo Colo despite not winning titles. His charisma, but also good individual performance and dedication are things highly valued by the Albos fans.

However, the pandemic has left his future adrift and in conversation with After Te Expico de Redgol he remembered Rodrigo Meléndez and asked if he was directing, to later send him a message.

“Let Kalule Meléndez know that if he needs a midfielder to play there. That many Colo Colo players are taking”, started.

But his face changed when he found out that in Colina there are also other former colleagues, such as Gonzalo Fierro and Sebastián Toro. “Is Sebastián Toro there too? Gonzalo Fierro? Nooooo, I have to go. We are going to do a campaign, I’m going to Colina. Talk to the Kalule to see if you need”he insisted.

Wilchez left a fond memory on his way through the Monumental.

The 36-year-old midfielder still wants to continue playing and in Argentina there is a lot of uncertainty about returning to football, so in his style he continued promoting himself to return to Chile.

“I don’t know when the championship starts or they are training, but pass the information on to him. Sell me as an Argentine midfielder with a lot of experience who plays football very well. Why else?”he said with humor.

Finally, he confessed that he hopes to play against the University of Chile again and receive the blunders from his fans. “I would love to go with another team to face U. How badly they would receive me, imagine. I would love to. Talk to Kalu and tell him. I will push the group forward”, he concluded.

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