‘Livonia’ retreats to ‘Butchers’ in the Baltic TOP League match

On Sunday, August 16, in Baldone, “Garkalne” / “Livonia” beat “Ķekava” / “Miesnieki” men with the result 25:23 (17:10), thus the Latvian champions won the 5th place in the Baltic TOP league, but “Miesnieki” remained 6 Latvian Rugby Federation (LRF) reports.

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“Garkalne” / “Livonia” started a big offensive after the first five minutes, when the “Kekava” / “Butchers” defense did nothing against the “black” team’s attack. Three landings in nine minutes were made by Ivo Kapiņš, Norberts Bekmanis and Valērijs Runco, who scored two more points with a realization and achieved a 17: 0 breakthrough.

“Miesnieki” played ten points until the break – Juris Iesalnieks hit a penalty kick, Guntis Cirša put the ball behind the ground line and Juris Iesalnieks also managed a sales shot, and in the break “Garkalne” / “Livonia” was only seven points away (17:10 ).

At the beginning of the second half, the fifteen numbers of both teams exchanged penalty kicks – standard situation kicks were accurately performed by Runco and Iesalnieks (20:13), “until the result 18:20. Miķelis Jurevičs scored the winning points in the 64th minute. The score was 25:18.

Already during the game compensation, Normunds Tamuža sensationally managed to land almost in the middle of the goal and reach 23:25. It seemed as though Juris Iesalnieks considered the game won before even taking the field, which resulted in a very uninspired start to the game.

If in the Latvian championship game, where Juris Iesalnieks was accurate and achieved equalization in the game against “Hedgehogs” / “EC Systems”, then this time the blow against the Livonians was inaccurate and thus the result on the board did not change – 23:25.

After the resumption of the “Garkalne” / “Livonia” game, the one-minute game time added by the referee and Reinis Pepa’s yellow card no longer threatened anything.

The game for the 5th place in the Baltic TOP league was more symbolic, but a much more serious meeting of both teams will take place on September 5 – within the framework of the Latvian championship, which will most likely decide the fate of the champions.



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