3 takeaways from day 3 of Buffalo Bills training camp practices

After a delay in their offseason schedule due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Bills players have finally started to hit the pitch and hit each other. With preseason games still being canceled, every day of training held at Orchard Park is all the more important before the team’s season opener against the Jets on September 13.

While the importance is still true, there weren’t many observations from Wednesday’s practice.

With that, here are three main takeaways from Bills Day 3 training camp:

Bills head coach Sean McDermott. (James P. McCoy via AP, pool)

Small day at the office

We’ve put together a few takeaways, and we’ll tell you, we really had to look for some information on this one. That’s because the Bills weren’t really practicing at all. With the new NFL collective agreement with players for 2020 due to COVID-19, players are slowly being moved to full, live physical training because they have missed much of their typical warm-up periods such as OTAs and other off-season work this year.

The first two days of training at training camp this week were physical, but as Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott said, the players weren’t hitting each other, they were “bumping” each other. Day one teams are allowed to participate fully on day 4 of practice, which is Thursday for the Bills. So it looks like McDermott & Co. gave players more training on Wednesday in anticipation of this. According to Buffalo News, players exerted about 50% effort in some 11v11 drills.




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