Washington Redskins want to change names

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DThe NFL team from Washington says goodbye to its name “Redskins” (redskins) after years of criticism from Native Americans and, recently, the corresponding demands of its sponsors, according to American media reports. The decision should therefore be announced on Monday. The statements made on Sunday evening as to whether a new name should also be communicated directly contradict each other.

As a result of ongoing protests against racism, the name sponsor of the stadium had asked those responsible in early July to part with the Redskins surname. Further sponsors followed the call, the suppliers and retail chains took jerseys and other fan articles from their offers. Native Americans have been campaigning for decades to stop using the racist name.

Super bowl winner

The American football team was founded in 1932 under the name Boston Braves. In 1933 the company was renamed Redskins and in 1937 the move to the capital. The team won the Super Bowls in the seasons 1982, 1987 and 1991.

Coach Ron Riveira had called for a name change before the start of the upcoming season. President Donald Trump had criticized a possible departure from the Redskins name. Trump also doesn’t like the fact that the Cleveland Indians baseball team is considering a new name.



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