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VIDEO: The coach of the Latvian national basketball player breaks the referee’s nose and receives a lifetime disqualification

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According to Yarnovosti.com, for 33 years Mikhail Terehov represented the team of Yaroslavl State University, which was strong with “Elephants”. The game was fierce and the students won by only three points, but the well-known basketball specialist broke the nose of judge Vadim Pavlov after the match.

The video shows Terehov approaching Pavlov during a post-match farewell and breaking his nose with his head (the incident can be seen in the video from 24 seconds).

The Yaroslavl media are worried if Mikhail Terehov will blaze after the victory, which could happen if his team loses. (Photo: screenshot from video)

Terehov has already received a penalty for his actions – a lifetime disqualification from the “golden basket” and competitions organized by the Yaroslavl Basketball Federation, as well as a fine of 6,000 Russian rubles (about 71 euros).

According to the Yaroslavl media, it is the emotions of the head coach that is one of the main reasons that help the “Burevestnik” team to win, but this time it seems that Terehov has strongly violated all the norms. Also, the fact that he has already managed to apologize to the judge for his temperament is hardly enough

Former coach of the Latvian men’s basketball team Artjoma Butjankova is a very emotional man. (Photo: Zane Bitere / LETA)

Last year, Artyom Bujtankov helped Burevestnik win the high third place in the Russian Super League (the second strongest league in Russia after the VTB United League). Due to the injury, the Rezekne player went to the field last season only in 16 games, in which he averaged 19.1 points and won 8.5 rebounds, ranking fourth and second in the league, respectively, but the small number of games did not prevent Butyankov from being recognized as the league’s best striker. and to get a job offer from the championship team “Samara”, which also claimed a place in the United League, but was not there. Until then, Butyankov will spend the next season in the Russian Super League and will most likely return to Yaroslavl for one game.

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