Thunder begins practice on Friday

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The Oklahoma City Thunder will have its first practice in Orlando on Friday from 4pm to 7pm. According to the league schedule, which came out on Wednesday, the Thunder will be practiced simultaneously with the Kings and the Mavericks.

Joe Mussatto of Oklahoman reports that Thunder also made another practice at 1pm on Sunday. The team left for Disney on Wednesday to start the mandatory quarantine.

Players must pass two COVID-19 tests after 24 hours, have no physical contact with teammates and consume room service. Judging from the Nuggets social media post Troy Daniels, you could get better meals by going to the Magic Kingdom itself.

Friday marks the first time since the end of the championship that the Thunder has been able to practice as a team. Coach Billy Donovan says the players have been diligent with their individual training.

I think all of these players are very, very competitive and love to play basketball, and the opportunity to return to the pitch is something that I think is important to everyone. “….”Our kids have been very, very active in terms of using the opportunity to enter the facility. “

Thunder will see action on July 24 when they write the Boston Celtics.

Harden and Westbrook not with rockets

Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that James Harden and Russell Westbrook did not travel to Orlando with Rockets. Charania says that former Thunder players will join their team later.

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