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This is how Marc Gasol confinement has taken advantage to return cooler

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If there is an athlete who has had a good break in recent months, that is Marc Gasol. The year 2019, with the achievement of the NBA and World Cup title with Spain, a personal and collective double for history, was a maximum requirement for the body of the Catalan, who paid the consequences in the following months. The hamstring injury had him in the dry dock during the first weeks of this year. And when he returned, he was barely able to play 15 minutes and 46 seconds on March 8, just days before Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus and the NBA suspended the season indefinitely. Others could have accused that new braking, just when he returned to the courts, but Marc has used it to lose weight and gain muscle. In fact, his new physical appearance caught the attention in the networks, and there are those who dared to say that he had never presented such a molded figure in his entire career. That little physical miracle was hatched in Spain, first confined at home and then, as soon as the restrictions were lifted due to the state of alarm, training in different private courts. A semi-vegetarian diet in which sugars, soft drinks and processed foods were eliminated and in which red meat and carbohydrates were reduced, worked the body transformation. And the closeness to his family and friends has always cleared his mind of the exhaustion accumulated in recent seasons. It is not a new Marc Gasol, but almost. So much so, that in the hours before the first friendly game played by his team in the Florida bubble, he acknowledged that he had been restless all morning and very excited to jump onto the field. After all, he comes back at the decisive moment and with all the options intact. Although the Raptors are not favorites to revalidate the ring, the truth is that the numbers at the time of the break are not worse than last season, when they made history by proclaiming themselves NBA champions. Despite losing their star, Kawhi Leonard, the team has held on thanks to great defensive power. In fact, its balance is exactly the same as last year. With 64 games played in this regular phase of the NBA, the Canadian franchise registers a total of 46 games won and 18 losses, which makes them start as second place in the Eastern Conference. Due to his inactivity, the Catalan center will start at dawn this Saturday, no less than against the Lakers, from a secondary role. But surely the renewed Marc will know how to take advantage of the extension that this turbulent 2020 has given him.

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