“The world can’t stop completely” – John Isner stubborn in playing tennis amid the coronavirus pandemic

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there hasn’t been tennis for a long time. But now we are seeing many exhibitions played like the Truist Atlanta Open, which is something John Isner was very excited about when he was writing in a tweet. However, many people criticized him as fans are allowed to watch the event. Isner replied to one of these comments and ended up replying to many others. Check it out.

John Isner can face the tough battle of the US Open with Raonic |  Sports news ...

John Isner replies to the comments

As you can see in the post above, John Isner told the “coronabros” that they can stay in their homes as much as they want, but he will live his life and promote the sport of tennis. As can be expected, this comment received many critical responses and Isner replied to many of them. Check it out.

In another comment, one person wrote about how people should stay in their homes, otherwise people will get infected and spread the virus as well. He also called Isner selfish. The American responded to this and explained why he feels that people shouldn’t be home. He said:

“We may not have a vaccine for a while and the world cannot completely stop. The reality is that we will have to learn and adapt to this virus in the safest way possible. “

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Isner also said he believes the Truist Atlanta Open can be played very safely and that they will continue to make a good show for tennis fans. However, there are still many people who are not comfortable with the event and the reason is probably what happened on the Adria Tour.

The Adria Tour also allowed fans and many players to become infected with the coronavirus. People are concerned that the same thing can happen in Atlanta and that is why they are against the event. Hopefully it won’t happen.



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