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The League closes the way to a Second of 24

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Tomás González-Martín



The League closes the door to a Second of 24 clubs. Yes hallucinate before the proposal, which is used in a vulgar way in the face of a pandemic crisis.

The Professional Soccer League denies that it will allow a Second Division of 24 clubs, as requested by the teams concerned to rebufo of this crisis. “And why not 28 teams, instead of 24? Already put …”, sources from the Spanish football association pointed out yesterday to ABC.

“Spanish football is very serious and a competition cannot be exchanged for private interests arising from a coup,” says a member of the employers’ association.

The LFP underlines that our football it’s very serious and you can’t change a competition arbitrarily without any sporting argument.

The clubs can go to the TAS and the ordinary Justice, but the decision was made by the League and the FEF in consensus

The society that unites 42 First and Second clubs closes that option that seems like blackmail. If there are clubs that go to the Competition Committee and then to the Appeal Committee as way forced to go later to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), “Are within their rights”.

And in the end you can go also to Justice ordinary. In these hypotheses, the League will act explaining the reasons why it made decisions that were agreed with the Federation. Let’s not forget it.


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