The draft choices could be abandoned before the start of the preseason

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Starting the preseason with a smaller list is one of the last rumors of the Minnesota Vikings.

With the NFL still trying to come up with a plan for this year’s preseason, one of the most recent rumors of the Minnesota Vikings implies that the team is entering its show campaign with a much smaller list than d habit.

Typically, the Vikings and all other teams in the league start their first preseason game with 90 players on their roster. But with the possibility that this year’s pre-season will be reduced to one or two games, the NFLPA would discuss the possibility of reducing the summer composition of each team to 75 or 80 players according to Mike Jones of USA Today on Tuesday.

Jones also added that not all NFLPA members are in favor of something like this, as that would obviously mean fewer opportunities for the guys to win seats for the coming season.

Vikings Rumors: How Downsizing Could Impact Minnesota

Over the years, the Vikings have discovered a wealth of talent among the groups of undrafted players they have brought in for training camp and the preseason. If Minnesota narrows its list by at least 10 spots this year, undrafted recruits will likely be among the first to leave.

It’s even possible that the Vikings may choose to let go of some of the insights they gained from this year’s NFL draft. Minnesota selected four players in the seventh round last April (Kenny Willekes, Nate Stanley, Brian Cole II, Kyle Hinton) and the team may decide to part with some of them if they feel that some- some of their unrecognized recruits have more advantages.

Some of the undrafted players who could potentially stick around include wide receiver Quartney Davis, safety Myles Dorn and cornerback Nevelle Clarke.

It is unfortunate that this is something that the Vikings and all the other teams in the league may have to do. There have been so many undrafted players who have become some of the best to ever play on the NFL field and now a group of these unknown rookies could potentially miss a great career in the league.

But nothing was confirmed or even proposed on Tuesday. And while downsizing may seem smarter or safer with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, eliminating 10 to 15 spots in each team before preseason seems like something that would be incredibly difficult for all NFL players to accept.


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