The day Kobe said who was better between him, Jordan and LeBron

A new chapter in the discussion on who is the best of all time in the NBA it occurred after the specialized portal Fadeaway World remembered a video in which the Los Angeles Lakers legend appears, Kobe Bryant, choosing GOAT of the league.

In March 2019, Kobe was part of the ‘The Late Late Show’ program with presenter James Corden, who challenged the former Lakers player to choose from the best to the worst among three names: Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. The response was unmissable.

Michael Jordan y Kobe Bryant (Getty Images)

If Bryant did not respond had to eat a piece of a cow’s tongue, then there was no other alternative to the legendary former player and he accepted the challenge, not without first clarifying that he would not choose any of the three players as the worst, but would a classification in the style of the ‘Black Mamba’.

“I am the best, the second best is Michael and the third best is LeBron”, was Bryant’s epic response, and showgoers erupted in applause. Bryant was known to have an excellent relationship with both Jordan and James, but at the time of the competition it was different.

Kobe Bryant’s competitive spirit was unmatched in the NBA, and while this was a response in the midst of a comedy show, there is no doubt that the ‘Black Mamba’ would not get behind any player with his five championships in the Lakers.




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