The CSD accuses Fuenlabrada of putting “public health and competition at risk”

The Superior Sports Council (CSD) denounced yesterday that, according to the report presented by the League in relation to the suspension of the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada match, the Madrid club “failed to comply with the protocols” and their behavior when traveling to Riazor with an outbreak Covid-19’s expedition “has jeopardized the health of its players, public health, and competition as a whole.” “We cannot allow a bad application of good protocols to tarnish the extraordinary effort made by all Spanish sports, always under the supervision of the health authorities,” he said in a harsh statement.

The highest body of Spanish sport requests “both the League and the Spanish Football Federation, through its Competition Committee, to study these extremes and apply the measures they deem appropriate to prevent a similar incident from happening again in the future”. “The person in charge of correctly applying the protocols is the club and the person responsible for ensuring that this is done is La Liga,” he settled.

The reaction of the RFEF was immediate. Shortly after the CSD statement, he reported that Competition has opened an extraordinary disciplinary file at Fuenlabrada. The Federation justified this decision “after receiving several complaints from different Second Division clubs.”

Meanwhile, the situation becomes more complicated as the hours pass. The first leg of the ‘play-off’ promotion to First between Girona and Almería, scheduled for today, will not be played at the moment. This was done yesterday by the official League, which has communicated to both clubs that the match has been postponed for lack of a new date. Despite the fact that it remains to be confirmed whether Elche or Fuenlabrada occupy sixth place and are Zaragoza’s rival, the tie between fourth and fifth was going to be played normally. However, finally the body that Javier Tebas directs has decided to suspend it pending the development of the ‘Fuenlabrada case’, which may go to court.

In this way, the usual wait of each season is further extended to know which team completes the shortlist of those promoted to First. With Huesca and Cádiz already with their place in the elite next year, it remains to know who will be the third to achieve it.

At the same time, Deportivo, relegated without playing their game, advocates a solution that would go through a Second with 24 teams next season, while Rayo Vallecano has dropped off with a proposal that includes increasing the teams that would compete from four to six. for the position that remains to be known of promoted to First.

The glances, towards Thebes

The eyes of affected clubs and institutions are directed towards the League, chaired by Javier Tebas. Although the Federation and the CSD agreed with the club management the suspension of only one match and the dispute for the rest of the day, and they did so within the framework of the Monitoring Committee of the protocol of the return to the new normality of football, They privately complain about having found out about the trouble in Fuenlabrada late.

Meanwhile, the expedition of the Madrid team has already passed the tests in A Coruña and will shortly leave the hotel where it is staying. As it became known yesterday, the club asked the A Coruña airport to return the same Monday at 10:30 p.m. – the match against Deportivo began at 9:00 p.m. – in a call that took place at 6 p.m. The plane, from the Iberia company, was currently in Madrid.

According to this version, the Madrid team already knew the results of the PCR performed on players and coaches that same morning in Madrid, before traveling to Galicia. However, the Xunta assures that it was not informed of the case until after eight in the afternoon, less than an hour from the time set for the start of the crash.




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