“The Badajoz is made to ascend”

The Bilbao Athletic begins this afternoon (20.00, Nuevo Mirador de Algeciras) the path to the Second A. It is measured in the first round of the play-off – it will have to overcome two other qualifying rounds – by powerful Badajoz, who trains Pedro Munitis. Two former players from Primera, face to face, Munitis and Joseba Etxeberria. The people of Cáceres finished third in their Group IV, as the rojiblancos, and due to the potential of the city they appear as one of the knockout hard bones. The technicians of UCAM Murcia, Asier Santana, former coach of Sanse and scout for Eibar, and San Fernando, Alberto González, analyze for EL CORREO the rival of the cubs, who were measured in the league before confinement. Both coaches agreed to teach Álex Corredera as the fundamental player in midfield, supported by the offensive tandem formed by Aquino-Santamaría.

Asier Santana explains that the Munitis team – took the reins mid-season – part of a scheme 4-4-2, but which is “elastic and versatile”, nothing corseted: «There are times when he puts Corredera and Aquino inside making Santamaría hook. They put a lot of people inside, they are a team that likes positional football and they accumulate people inside to be strong on the outside ”.

Santana understands that for him Bilbao Athletic will be a “difficult” tie. Not playing in the Nuevo Vivero, where Badajoz’s fans are very passionate, plays in favor of Joseba Etxeberria’s team. “There, his people squeeze a lot and for them it will mean a deficit.” The Gipuzkoa coach points to Álex Corredera as the key player: “Inside, it causes a lot, the ball doesn’t burn in your feet, it comes looking for you below,” he analyzes. In addition, he warns that you have to be very careful with Adilson “outside”, and with Aquino and Gorka “above”. It also highlights Morgado, his left-handed central defender, «who has good start, with scale, of the best of the category ». Santana also recalls that the Badajoz staff is made “to attempt promotion.”

For his part, Malaga’s Alberto González, former coach of the lower categories of Malaga, Betis and Granada and who went through Jaén to immerse himself in the San Fernando project he left behind sixth just three points from the play-off, agrees that Munitis “likes combinatorial play”. “Try to go short, have possession of the ball,” he insists. He classifies this Badajoz as a group that has «alternatives, which also has the capacity to run». He warns of the danger of Santamaría who “likes to go up to the spaces, he is fast” and of Dani Aquino he explains his facet of “great passer-by. If he takes you between the lines with his quality and Gorka running … be careful ». Before his team, Pedro Munitis wanted to mislead him by varying his drawing with a “striking” twist. He ordered Aquino to exercise a more reference function like 9, and Santamaría to leave him “freer, moving between the lines and going from one side to the other,” he says.

Like Asier Santana, he ponders Corredera: “It is fundamental, that is certain.” Remember in this sense that Badajoz has sanctioned the powerful pivot Traoré, a former Real Madrid youth squad, so he must rebuild his structure of play “He will supply him with Maestre, the other alternative would be Caballero in the middle, but he would lose some balance”, details. Alberto González also warns of Adison’s “one on one” on the right wing and on the left to Guzmán Casaseca, who “plays in and leaves the side more traveled.” He maintains that Bilbao Athletic must exploit «His impudence and quality, he will make it very difficult for a match due to its rhythm, the speed and intensity it can impose». The Malaga coach adds that in the “round trip” Badajoz may suffer due to the profile of his players, and he rounds off his vision asserting that the Atletico branch will throw more of the “vertigo” and the team from La Paz will take more refuge “in control” .




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