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Sean Payton won’t be surprised if some games are suspended

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It’s a strange time in America, and among those with a financial and / or rooted interest in the success of the sport. Some insist that the articulation of any possibility for sport to struggle to thrive during the worst pandemic in more than a century stems from a deep desire to see sport fail.

And so, under that stupid, arrogant standard, Saints coach Sean Payton wants football to fail.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Payton said he would not be surprised if some games in 2020 were put on hold. He highlighted the possibility that a team would have all the players in a given group of positions unable to play, due to testing positive for COVID-19.

A member of the competition committee, Payton did not consider whether these games would be postponed or simply withdrawn. It is possible that some games will simply not be played and some teams will have less than 16 games at the end of the season. The positioning of the playoffs, at this point, would depend on the winning percentage.

If matches are to be suspended, a clear, fair and consistent standard will be needed, so that all teams are treated the same. While a certain competitive imbalance will have to be tolerated, the idea that some teams will get an assist and others not under relatively similar circumstances should not be allowed to take root in this craziest season in the NFL. .

Likewise, timing and platform of play shouldn’t be a factor, with games in the 1:00 p.m. ET window more likely to be suspended and a higher bar applied to stand-alone contests in prime time. .

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