Sainz: «The Ferrari? I will look at them askance »

Carlos Sainz He appeared before the media at a press conference different from how he was used to. Accompanied by Lando Norris, but with the mandatory safety distance, he spoke to the media telematically, which gave opportunity to many of those who do not usually travel to the grand prizes and who, this year with more reason, are not in Austria either.

The Spanish wanted to make it clear that is focused on McLarenbut couldn’t help answering questions about Ferrari, your next team. “Of course I will look at what the red cars do out of the corner of my eye, but I will try not to make them occupy any space in my head because you already know how busy I will be with the roses, yellows or the other orange,” he said of his Racing Point rivals, Renault. and his own partner. “My mindset will remain the same,” he promised.

The great novelty of this unusual start to the championship has been the strict sanitary security measures. They are all fulfilling them, with scrupulous neatness. “It is a very aggressive new normal. We keep meters away, in meetings with engineers or in the dining room. We all wear masks and if anyone does not comply, they are notified. It is very strict, but for me it is the right thing to do and even if it is difficult to get used to it, it makes perfect sense, ”he said.




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