Reason of Lin and Retirement: Physical and Pain Will Not Allow Me Page all – Chinese badminton legend, Lin Dan, officially announced he was hanging a racket on Saturday (07/04/2020).

Lin Dan has won various medals and awards for a career in the badminton world for around 20 years.

Starting his career in the world of goose down at the young age of 16 years, he helped fly the Chinese flag on the world stage.

With this decision, Lin Dan certainly did not participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which will roll next year.

The 36-year-old man is a great player of men’s badminton sector. Lin Dan had mastered the number for a decade.

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He also won two Olympic gold medals, namely in 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London.

He won two medals after defeating Lee Chong Wei twice, his rival from Malaysia who had retired a year ago.

However, lovers of badminton can not return to see the hard smashes typical of men dubbed Super Dan.

Age and physicality become one of the factors the legend decided to hang the racket.

“I always say ‘stay persistent’ to myself at every moment of suffering, so that my sports career can get longer,” he explained on social media Weibo hers as quoted AFP.

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“That principle is better than just pursuing ranks as I always was when I was young.”

“In recent years I just want to challenge the physical limits of an old athlete and enjoy the spirit that I will never give up.”

“However, physical ability and pain do not allow me to continue to fight with teammates,” explained Lin Dan.

Lin Dan also thanked his closest friends for holding a racket of pride.

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“My family, coaches, teammates and fans have accompanied me through many peaks and difficulties. Every jump in the power is a passion for winning,” he said.

“I dedicate everything to the sport that I love,” said Super Dan.




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