Racer Lindsay Brewer hits the tennis court in Palm Springs for stunning photos of models

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Racing driver Lindsay Brewer drew attention for his skills behind the wheel and his off-track modeling. She recently went to Palm Springs, California for a new series of photos. He hit the tennis courts and took advantage of natural sunlight.

Friday Brewer published the results of the photo shoot. She was standing in the center of the field, dressed in a swimsuit and holding a tennis racket and two balls. “Game match,” he wrote, drawing the attention of Instagram commentators. After hitting the field, Brewer revealed that he was also taking part in a photo shoot with some American muscle cars.

Brewer regularly drew attention to social media with his models, especially photo shoots involving swimwear. Although many fans have also expressed appreciation for photos that incorporate exotic cars. This includes sets with Dodge Viper ACR and various Lamborghinis.

Considering that many of his photos involved bikinis, Brewer addressed some questionable messages from followers. He detailed an interaction with a TikTok video in early March. “Go and check the DMs, see 2 photos and a poem immediately,” Brewer shared in a video on the popular social media site. He ended the clip with a disgusted expression on his face.

While Brewer made a bigger name as an Instagram model and influencer, he also found some success on the track. He started early in life after discovering his love of karting, and this only increased with time. Brewer tried to make racing a full-time career, but explained in 2015 that he had difficulty bringing new sponsors to the team.

“So, for now, I’m traveling to compete for sponsors in the hope of accomplishing something,” he wrote in an Instagram update. “Thanks for everyone’s support through my races. No, I’m not stopping the races, this is just a difficult moment in my career that unfortunately many drivers face.”

It may have started with karts, but Brewer graduated from much more powerful vehicles. She has often traveled to Las Vegas, the home of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, for various events. One example is the Saleen Cup, which compared young drivers (28 and less) against Pro-Am drivers (29 and older) in professionally maintained racing cars. Brewer took part in this event and finished fifth in the Young category.



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