Positives rise to 18 by Covid-19 in Fuenlabrada

The number of coronavirus cases among the members of the expedition of Fuenlabrada, still confined this Monday in a hotel in A Coruña, now rises to 18, as confirmed by Galician Health after the results of tests carried out on Sunday by the microbiology laboratory. The Xunta says that these are six more cases than the twelve previously diagnosed last Thursday and the president of the Madrid club, Jonathan Praena, clarified that this relationship also includes the positives of the club who stayed without traveling.

Meanwhile, the LaLiga has canceled the request it had made to Deportivo to submit the players of its squad to the coronavirus detection PCR tests on Tuesday, eight days after their match with Fuenlabrada was suspended due to the infections of Covid- 19 in the southern team of the Community of Madrid.

On Sunday, the club management chaired by Javier Tebas permanently suspended that game scheduled in Riazor for last Sunday and gave Elche sixth place. Therefore, the ilicitano team would play against Zaragoza one of the playoffs for promotion to the highest category. The other tie is already defined with the pairing between Girona and Almería.

However, everything is at the expense of what the Spanish Football Federation Competition Committee decides in the next few hours, competent body in the matter. There are also claims from Numancia and Deportivo, descended into Hell of Segunda B on the last day, for understanding that the suspension of only one match corrupted the competition. And Extremadura, which dropped a day earlier, requests a silver division with 24 or up to 26 teams in the next campaign.

The top Fuenla leader has acknowledged that his club was not in a position to demand a date to play that postponed match against Deportivo, but denied that the Madrid team officially renounced a match that could have placed him in the fight for the dreamy ascent.

“Every day we talk to LaLiga to study the evolution of positives,” Praena explained on Onda Cero. She assured her team “she did not want to hinder” the tournament, but she did want to play in Ria qualifyzor. “Much less do we intend to cause harm to third teams,” he said. “After the attacks we have received from other clubs, I can only say that our only intention is to make everything as easy as possible,” he said.

“I lose the strength to fight for a date” because you cannot “have Elche paralyzed, whose players cannot train for two months without knowing if they are going to play the playoff.” “It may be that my footballers have been angry about this,” Praena explained about the Fuenla team of professionals having been able to perceive the situation as a resignation from their own management to fight to be among the greats the coming year.

In this sense, the Vallecano Ray He was the last to join the numerous list of requests, in his case with the proposal to repeat the 42nd day in full or, failing that, dispute a match against Elche for the ‘playoff’ spot promotion to First slope.

“Media noise”

Late on Sunday, The LaLiga Social Discipline Judge considered that Fuenlabrada acted correctly according to the established protocol and reprimanded Deportivo and the Galician politicians, although without express allusion, due to the “media noise” that has arisen in the case of the contagions by Covid-19 of the Madrid team and their trip to Galicia for the dispute of the last game of the Second Division.

Judge Manuel Rivero concluded that “it would be absurd to think” that in the current conditions in which Fuenlabrada finds itself, the team “can participate in any official elite competition.” In his resolution, prior to LaLiga’s request to the Competition Committee to definitively suspend the match, he assures that the match “will certainly not be able to take place” and says that the Galician team “has not publicly shown the slightest intention, desire, nor will to do it ». He also considers that the “result is absolutely inconsequential” for Deportivo “having already dropped to Segunda B”.

In this line the judge failed one of the arguments put forward by the Galician club, that having played his match on a day that had unified schedules could have altered the results of Lugo and Albacete, which have sent him to Second Division B. “The projection of a hypothesis about the past, that is, if there would have been influenced the dispute of this meeting on others that were played simultaneously is approaching a science fiction exercise that cannot be undertaken here, “reasoned the judge.

He also criticized the “Media impact” that he has had everything related to the suspension of the meeting since, in his opinion, “has come to exceed the reasonable limits of the events that occurred”. “The Fuenlabrada has not violated any rule of the aforementioned protocols, nor has it made it possible for negligence or carelessness, but has merely followed the instructions of LaLiga, the only competent authority in the matter. It is impossible to attribute, at least at this venue, not only the origin of the contagion, but a violation of the rules, “he said.




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