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“Playing against Novak Djokovic is like playing against a wall” – Joao Sousa

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One of Portugal’s best tennis players number 66 in the world, Joao Sousa, reflected on the challenges of playing against 17-year-old Grand Slam Novak Djokovic. The duo have blocked their horns six times in their career, but Sousa has never pulled out a set against Serbian legend.

He personifies Novak against a wall, that is, playing against him is like hitting the tennis ball against a wall. As if the wall returns the ball with the same intensity and makes it difficult for a player to play it again. And Sousa believes that Novak is one of those super resilient players and beyond the shadows of doubt, he has the best defense in the men’s game.

“Playing against Djokovic is like playing against a wall, it’s incredible. He is a player who has played more and lost more. But every time I lost, I lost better and better ” Sousa told Eleven Sports. (as mentioned by Portugal News)

Novak and Joao met last time in the second round of Paris Masters 2018.

Also, some time ago, world number five Daniil Medvedev said similar words playing against Novak Djokovic. Medvedev’s game is quite similar to that of Djokovic, when they play against each other, for the spectators, it is like looking at the reflection of Novak and Daniil. In addition to drawing parallels to Novak’s game, Daniil mentioned Serbian games as a “machine”.

Sousa on Novak Djokovic receives criticism for the Adria Tour

In June, the fall of Adria Tour attracted considerable criticism from Novak in the tennis world. However, there were some tennis players who defended the Serbian and mentioned that it wasn’t entirely his fault. Rather, organizations and the government are responsible for the accident. Furthermore, Sousa believes it is not fair to criticize Novak.

“I think we are giving too much emphasis to Djokovic’s mistake, but the mistake was from the organization. Djokovic did not do it for money, but to help tennis He said.

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“There was a lot of criticism, also I didn’t think it was right because the necessary measures were not taken, but the criticism should be for the organization and not for Novak Djokovic.”

Currently, Novak Djokovic is training on difficult pitches and is preparing to lift the biggest number 18 at the US Open 2020. Numerous players are skeptical about their flight to New York due to unplayable situations, but Novak may run this risk.

Source – Portugal news

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