Pitu counts the days to return

The wait is getting longer than expected. Under normal circumstances, Pitu Comadevall should have stepped on the grass again at the end of the 2019-20 season once he has recovered one hundred percent from his knee injury. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, however, nothing has followed the established order and its reappearance has been postponed without a date. There is no choice but to accept it with “resignation.” However, the Salta native, who will turn 37 in November, is ready to receive the statement from the Spanish Federation with the start of the competition and start the pre-season: “Everything is still up in the air, but we know that from the moment they tell us the start date of the “league we will throw eight weeks back and start the preseason. We assume it will be in mid-August.

Pitu hoped to help Oriol Alsina’s team around April, but “when he was almost ready the confinement came and we were suspended from the league. I could have competed again in mid-April, but unfortunately the coronavirus arrived and I have to wait until next season. That’s why “the wait is getting even longer because I’ve had surgery more than a year ago and I’m still doing individual training counting the days so I can do it with the whole team.” . As he goes through the days of the calendar, the footballer can proudly say that he is “recovered”, that he will continue to give war to Llagostera one more season and that, in one way or another, this time will serve to better recover from my injury. ».

Now the ordeal of the injury is far away, but he remembers that “the beginning was very hard, especially the first week before the operation, that I saw everything black. At 35 and with my whole knee broken, I considered retiring. Oriol Alsina, family and friends encouraged me to continue because I could not fold in this way. My end must be different and better. “After the operation, I renewed my spirits and saw it differently, letting myself be guided by my surroundings. I decided to focus one hundred percent on recovering from the injury and even though it cost me quite a bit, I managed to do it. I want to try to play one more year and then decide, ”he explains.

With the renewal, the captain will complete the ninth season defending the Llagostera shirt and although “reaching the tenth would be a nice figure” with the injury goes “year after year”. “If I can hold out for two years, better,” he says. As he has already explained, Oriol Alsina is one of the people responsible for Pitu continuing to wear shorts: “We have a very good relationship for all the years we have been together. It was a very quick and easy understanding. He wanted me to keep going and I wanted to keep going because when I got injured he told me to be calm and to help me in any way I could. I didn’t have to worry about football or anything. This is to be thanked and he was clear that the best way to get him back was to stay linked to the club. I am very happy”.

The imprint of Pitu in Llagostera

After so many years, Salta has become a whole institution in Llagostera. So much so that he has become the coordinator of 7-a-side football and has been planning the next 2020-21 season for months. “With the situation there is very complicated because there have been no grassroots football matches. When I found out that next year I would be the coordinator, I thought about watching matches to keep track of the players, possible signings, highs, lows … but we were all locked up at home. Planning like this ‘blindly’ is very complicated and that’s why Guillem Ferrer, who was this year’s coordinator, is helping me to get everything ready. Once the grassroots football training begins, I will start working with the children.

The hope of the project is that the youngest ones will one day reach the first team because “having players from the youth team is a source of pride and the more Llagostera has, the better”. Pitu is very clear that he will strive to “be good people, study and play football. Then I will be satisfied.




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