Phillip Lindsay sends another bold message to Broncos with fiery Instagram post

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Exactly two weeks ago, Phillip Lindsay launched a cryptic tweet. He said, “I’ll tell you this; things always seem sweet on paper.”

Back then, yours really interpreted Lindsay’s tweet as a shot in front of the Denver Broncos front office who paid ex-Chargers RB Melvin Gordon $ 16 million on a two-year contract last spring, instead of the money being put into Lindsay’s purse. With a Pro Bowl, a consecutive 1,000-yard rusher already on the list, fans and the media have wondered why the Broncos went out of their way to pay high-end money to an independent RB.

What we learned from the team this offseason, based on comments from general manager John Elway, head coach Vic Fangio and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, is that the Broncos coveted Gordon’s prowess in material for catching and blocking passes. The implication being … Lindsay did not check these boxes.

And maybe not. To finish last season as he cleaned his locker, Lindsay admitted that catching up on the passes and the course was an element of his game that he planned to focus on improving this off-season. The next day, Elway told local press that he would consider giving Lindsay an early extension this year.

The extension has yet to materialize while Gordon, who is himself quite sensitive about his contract with the Broncos, hits the list with an average of $ 8 million / year. Meanwhile, Lindsay is expected to earn $ 750,000 in the final season of the three-year deal he signed as a free agent for the university.

So, was I out of place assuming that Lindsay’s tweet two weeks ago was a passive-aggressive statement about the next RB competition in Denver? Not based on the Instagram story Lindsay published Tuesday night. I took some screenshots for your enjoyment.

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You will notice that the first image is of Lindsay walking a route with the caption “Like I said, let’s see. The following are a few more images of Lindsay catching passes and racing routes in her Broncos helmet with quarterback Drew Lock.

If you don’t think Lindsay is sending a message to the Broncos front office, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. The Colorado Kid is on fire, and as a whole new father with a new outlook on life, he seems determined to help the Broncos realize that the money that followed Gordon might have been more wisely invested in him and his career. .

We already know that Lindsay was upset by the Broncos’ decision to pay Gordon. Lindsay said it himself. But he has since changed his mindset to be open to seeing how competing with Gordon can make him better as well as the offense.

I am not sure when these photos were taken. But if these throwing sessions took place after June 20, it would mean that Lock and Lindsay are following Tom Brady’s signal, ignoring the NFLPA recommendation to cease all practices away from team facilities until the start of the season. training camps on July 28. This is if these photos were captured on June 21 or after.

While players, like all health-conscious Americans, should take steps to mask themselves while indoors in public places, there is nothing about throwing an outdoors local park that is socially irresponsible. In the same spirit of understanding that we all take a risk every time we step out of our front doors – never knowing what life could throw us – many NFL players are not ready to let the threat of Coronaviruses prevent them from badly needed reps before training camp.

For teams like the Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who either have a new quarterback and / or are learning a new attacking system, players could use whatever rep they can get with the NFL canceling the entire game. off-season training program – outside of the online Zoom virtual meetings.

Return to Lindsay. Pride is a powerful thing. Lindsay has always been a very motivated player. Successful undrafted guys are always looking for ways to keep that chip on their shoulders, especially those who reach the heights of individual success like Lindsay, who has won an unprecedented nod to the Pro Bowl as recruited in 2018.

It should be encouraging and exciting for the fans to see how excited he is about the upcoming season and the competition with Gordon for Denver’s RB supremacy. Although there is probably a lot of room in attack to present them both, regarding the role of the starter, much like the movie Highlander – There can only be one.

If I were a bettor, I always push my chips in the direction of Lindsay.

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