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The Chiefs provide Patrick Mahomes with a record contract. Its performance and marketability justify every penny of it. But does it make sense to spend so much money on a quarterback given the salary cap?

Such insane numbers are always about whether they are justified. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has extended his contract with the Kansas City Chiefs football franchise by ten years, including bonuses, and will earn up to $ 503 million over the next twelve seasons. It is the most valuable contract in the history of the NFL, and of course they are debating in the United States: is it the most sensible?

Mahomes is, and there can be no doubt about it, the best and most spectacular at the moment (this is important because sport is entertainment) in a position that is more formative than any other in a team discipline. The quarterback is, compared to chess, king and queen at the same time, and the only 24-year-old Mahomes has been chosen as the most valuable player in the league (MVP) in his first season as a regular player, one season later he won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs. There are clubs like the Detroit Lions who have been looking for this playmaker for decades to guide them into the endgame – the chiefs have found him and they are binding him for life.

“Patrick has become one of the most productive athletes across all sports,” said Chiefs board member Clark Hunt: “With his dynamic style of play and his infectious personality, he is one of the best-known and most popular players who have ever worn this shirt.” Sports salaries can be debated, but given what playmakers earn in the NFL, Mahomes is worth every penny the chiefs wrote him in the contract. He is casual, friendly, successful – in short: as marketable as the basketball pop culture phenomenon Michael Jordan.

Mahomes is “one in a million” for many

Mahomes’ way of playing often seems intuitive and as if taken from a video game: It looks like he is constantly improvising, but that’s only partially true. When the Chiefs asked the young Mahomes for an interview before the Talent Exchange 2017, they noticed that the opposing formations were analyzing as if he were a chess player, but blessed with athletic skills that would have made a career as a baseball pitcher or table tennis professional possible.

They say “One in a million” in the USA because such a rarity occurs, and if you don’t believe it, please consider the final of last season: The San Francisco 49ers had the best pass defense in the league after a nervous start Mahomes led his team to the 31:20 win in the final quarter with two touchdown passes. “I have had the pleasure of training a few incredible athletes and great personalities in my career,” said Chiefs coach Andy Reid: “He is without a doubt – and he is only 24.”




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