Neuer, caught chanting a neo-Nazi song in Croatia

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Manuel Newergoalkeeper Bayern Munich and the German team is on vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, along with his coach Toni Tapalovic. The goalkeeper has taken advantage of the end of the Bundesliga and the German Cup, both conquered by his team, to take a few days off. However, during his stay in the country of the Dalmatian coast, he made headlines in his country for singing a neo-nazi song.

The images of a video in which he appears chanting a fascist song in a beach bar in Croatia have caused a stir in Germany. There, neo-Nazi canticles can carry harsh penalties.

On the scene, broadcast today by the popular newspaper image, the Bavarian club goalkeeper and the German national team appear in a Croatian beach bar, accompanied by other people who sing a piece by the band ‘Thompson’, very popular in neo-Nazi settings.

This group is named after its singer, Marko Perkovic, who participated in the Croatian War of Independence, where he was assigned a Thompson submachine gun to fight and from which the name of the controversial group comes.

Both the group and Perkovic are accused of glorifying Croatian fascism for their far-right and xenophobic lyrics. One of his most popular songs praises the ustasha, Croatian fascists who participated in World War II, and it is said that in his concerts it is common to see the ‘Heil Hitler’.

As noted imageNeuer does not speak Croatian and therefore does not have to know the content of the piece. However, it cannot be ruled out that he knows at least that group, known for concerts whose attendance extols fascism and proclaims admiration for Adolf Hitler. image He relates the situation to his current coach, the Croatian Toni Tapalovic.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern goalkeeper (POOL / EFE)

According to the same media, Nauer declined to comment. While the player’s environment has defended that the 34-year-old does not speak Croatian. However, Toni Tapalovic has Croatian roots and is the brother of Filip Tapalovic, a former international with the Balkan country.


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