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Milan Just Losing Violence from One Team After Lockdown

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AC Milan has been going crazy since lockdown. The latest victim Rossoneri is Sampdoria, who struck four goals!

Milan won 4-1 when they travel to Luigi Ferraris on Thursday (7/30/2020) early morning hrs in the 37th week of the Italian League match. Two goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic plus one from Hakan Calhanoglu and Rafael Leao were only able to be replied once by the host through Kristoffer Askildsen.

The victory extended Milan’s positive trend after lockdown, unbeaten in the last 11 matches. This is their best pace since April 2013, aka seven years ago, when arranging 14 matches without defeat.

No less interesting is, Milan is so ferocious to break the opponent’s goal in that period. In 11 matches, Red Devil able to score 32 goals.

In the top five European leagues, there is no better team than them except Manchester City. Man City in 10 matches since lockdown ended until the Premier League is now complete, able to create 34 goals.

In the case of Milan, Ibrahimovic et al must be recognized as hot late. Even with that brilliant pace Stefano Pioli’s team were only able to finish sixth.

The reason is before lockdown Milan’s performance is indeed missing. The number of wins and losses lost is equally strong, which is 10 to 10.

Even if examined further, Milan before lockdown only able to make 28 goals in 26 matches. While in the same period, their goal has been broken 34 times, in other words have a goal difference of minus six!

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That record was significantly improved in the next 11 fights lockdown, with 32 goals and only 12 passes. But Milan can no longer move from position six: four points behind AS Roma and four points ahead of Napoli.


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