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“Messi-Inter, the Kaka-Milan lawyer works on it!”

by archysport

Paolo Bargiggia, already at the end of June, had spoken of an Inter attempt for Leo Messi. Now, the reporter is providing new updates

It was last June 27th and Paolo Bargiggia spoke of an attempt of Inter, through an international intermediary, against Lionel Messi. Now that the topic is covered in other media, Bargiggia is providing new updates on the matter.

“The negotiation is very complicated especially for sponsor reasons: some of the player contrast with those of the club; others such as Coca Cola and Pepsi are valid only in the USA and South America. But Leo is also very attracted for tax reasons. Messi thinks about it and hopes for it. The father pushes a lot. If only for tax reasons! “, writes Bargiggia.

He then adds: “For more than a month, a Milanese lawyer has been working on it, who had dealt with the negotiations between Kakà and Milan.”

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