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Mercedes is experiencing a ‘difficult day’ due to weather conditions

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19:41 – Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton had a fairly anonymous start to the British Grand Prix. Bottas finished in places six and three in the first two training sessions and Hamilton did not get further than second and fifth place.

According to Hamilton, Mercedes had “a difficult day” due to the windy conditions at Silverstone. “It is always windy here, and that is actually a good element of this circuit. Sometimes the wind comes from all corners and that made it very difficult today.” In addition, the world champion also struggled with the balance of the W11. “The balance is not as good as I thought so we are going to work on that tonight. See if we can solve it. It is not a disaster, but it was certainly a difficult day.”

Hamilton could have finished higher in the second session if he hadn’t had to break off his second quick lap on the soft tire. “We went outside and I felt that the tires were not as good as the first set,” said the Englishman. “We’re going to find out, we have such great technicians. That’s the beauty of this team, we dive right into the details and hopefully make some good adjustments.”

Bottas was more satisfied with the progress he made from the first session to the second session afterwards. “The first session was a bit more difficult in terms of balance. Of course we still have some work to do, but I didn’t have a bad feeling in the second training. The differences are quite small and normally we can still take a few steps qualifying, so I’m not too worried. “

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Today it was 36 degrees in Silverstone, tomorrow it will be a lot cooler and that could work to the advantage of Mercedes, thinks the Finn. “Racing Point and Red Bull looked strong. But tomorrow we have completely different conditions with a much lower track temperature and the wind will also start to turn considerably. That will have a major impact on this track.”

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