Home football Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal score points for every Premier League season payroll with Sheffield Utd flying high

Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal score points for every Premier League season payroll with Sheffield Utd flying high

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MANCHESTER UNITED, Chelsea and Arsenal are in the top three in the Premier League salary points ranking for the 2019/20 season.

According to The Athletic, the Red Devils boast the highest wages bill in the top flight, but it wasn’t money well spent in the statistics obtained from the store.


Sheffield United tops the list of Premier League awards this season

They have the share of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – who has a wage bill of £ 332 million – in 20th place.

United collected 66 points this term, which was enough to see them finish third in the Premier League, but on average only 0.2 points for every million pounds spent on staff costs.

This means that United has spent £ 5 million on each point collected.

By contrast, Sheffield United has the Premier League‘s lowest wage bill at £ 40 million, but after its splendid season, they rank at the top in terms of value.

Chris Wilder led the Blades in ninth place with 54 points and, thanks to their impressive campaign, they averaged 1.3 points per £ 1 million.


Sitting just above United is Chelsea, who finished in 19th place with a salary of £ 286 million, which means they have paid out £ 4.3 million per point.

Arsenal finished only one place above Sheffield United in the top flight of this campaign and, due to its terrible championship season, they are in 18th place in the salary points ranking.

The Gunners – who have a salary of £ 232 million – spent £ 4.1 million per point.

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Manchester City rounds the bottom four as it boasts the division’s second highest salary.

With wages reaching £ 316 million, citizens spent £ 3.9 million per point, with their 81 points seeing them run second in the Premier League.

The Liverpool champions are in 13th place, but it was money well spent on Jurgen Klopp’s men who have secured their first title since 1990.

Leicester – who finished fifth in the standings – is the highest team in the value-for-money rankings, while she placed between Southampton and Watford in eighth place.

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