“Lance Stroll has gone through the worst”

According to Bertrand Godin, Lance Stroll has experienced the worst that racing can offer a driver at Williams in 2018, but he believes that the car developed by Racing Point this year will allow him to show off.

After a first season that allowed him to clinch his first podium and take the start of the Italian Grand Prix on the front line at just 18 years old in 2017, the Montrealer had to manage with a very uncompetitive car designed by Williams l ‘Next year.

Driving the worst racing car on the plateau, Stroll often struggled not to finish in the last row. A reality which has certainly been harmful in its development.

“It is certain that we could not really see the potential of Lance Stroll,” said Godin, recently. He arrived in F1 with some confidence because he had won the championship in F3 [européenne]. All that trust has been destroyed [par le passage à vide chez Williams] and there’s nothing worse mentally. ”

“I think he lived the worst of the competition,” did not hesitate to say Godin.


Then, in 2019, Stroll moved to Racing Point, the stable his father had saved from bankruptcy a few months earlier. If before, under the Force India banner, the company had often won excellent results, the lack of funds made it difficult to develop the single-seater for the 2019 campaign.

Funding was back when the time came to create this year’s car, and the first laps were very promising.

“Watching the winter trials, I was so happy. When we got to the tests, we saw that Racing Point has evolved a lot. They had recovered a bankrupt team, which therefore did not develop further. That’s why, last year, Sergio Perez’s experience was still beneficial in getting some good results. ”

“When confidence comes back and you feel competitive, you see a completely different driver. And this is the kind of driver I expect to see at Lance Stroll this year. ”

Verstappen’s year?

Godin also commented on the situation of Sebastian Vettel, who will find himself without a steering wheel after the 2020 season due to an amicable divorce from Ferrari. The Quebecer welcomes an association with Mercedes, and at the same time, with Lewis Hamilton.

Thus, the holders of nine of the last 10 championships would be united in a single stable. In this way, Hamilton would have a tough opponent and his success would be all the more glorious.

“Hamilton went for too many titles easily. [Vettel chez Mercedes], it would be great for sport. At that time, we would have a fight like at the time of [Nico] Rosberg. And I think Hamilton would grow out of it. ”

Passionate about racing, Godin did not hesitate to jump into the water and make a prediction on the identity of the next world champion of Formula 1.

“The Red Bulls! The Red Bulls. I go with [Max] Verstappen, “he concluded.




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