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La Covid catches football with the positives in Seville, Almería and Zaragoza

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The panorama most feared by the industry and soccer fans evaded the First division, but it has been primed with the Second to a sigh to end the season. In full outbreak of infections throughout Spain football has not been alien and in the last two days there has been a wave of positives throughout the national geography that add to the tangled case of Fuenlabrada (which alone adds from 26 to 28 infections, depending on who counts them) and commits both the outcome of the silver division and the European competitions, because one of the affected clubs, Sevilla, plays within ten days with the Europa League qualifying Rome.

In fact, it has also come very close to shaking the Champions, because the first positive known this week, that of Mariano, is on the way to being redirected by Madrid isolating the player, who had come from spending eight days on vacation and had not been in contact with his colleagues on the white squad.

Yesterday could not have been more turbulent or fateful for LaLiga. In one morning, three more new positives were announced: one case in Almería (which could be two), another in Real Zaragoza, both teams with a confirmed place in the playoff for promotion to Primera, and a third in Sevilla, from the Serbian team. Gudelj.

Wednesday could not be more convulsive for LaLiga with positives in Almería, Real Zaragoza and Sevilla

In all three cases, the procedure established in the LaLiga protocol was followed, agreed upon with the Federation and the Superior Sports Council (CSD). Training sessions were suspended, the footballers who tested positive were isolated and new PCR tests were ordered immediately.

The club that raised the most suspicions for its actions was Sevilla. The team led by Julen Lopetegui reported yesterday that its staff passed the tests on Sunday the 26th and that on Monday they learned that one of their players had tested positive.

“The affected is asymptomatic, in good health and is isolated at home,” explained the club in Seville, in which he also says that “we inform all the competent sports and health authorities, we temporarily suspended preventively the team’s training and we carry out disinfection tasks at the facilities, strictly following the protocols established for these situations ”. However, the positive had not been publicly known until Wednesday, 48 hours after it was detected.

The situation of Seville

The Spanish club knew of Gudelj’s positive on Monday, but it was not made public until 48 hours later

Sevilla also assures that “since we met the positive, the club has already carried out two new individual PCR controls on the rest of the staff. In the first, all tests have been negative. ” The results of the second test will be known this Thursday morning, the one carried out yesterday.

In the case of Almería, the team that has to play the first tie of the playoff promotion to First against Girona, the club reported yesterday that a footballer has tested positive for coronavirus and another may also be because the tests have presented abnormal results.

Once these data were known, Almería sent all the players home, who will pass new tests today, and had the facilities of the Juegos del Mediterráneo stadium disinfected.

It so happens that Almería hired José Gomes, its fifth coach of the season, on Monday to attempt promotion to the First Division in the two remaining qualifying rounds.

The last of the known positives yesterday is that of a Real Zaragoza player, a club that has to cross the first tie of the playoff promotion to First with which Competition decides when it solves the entanglement of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada postponed, with Elche right now as the first candidate.

EARRINGS from another case

Almería has another player whose PCR test results are inconclusive

In the positive of Zaragoza there are different circumstances to the other cases. According to the statement issued yesterday by the club in the capital Maña, “on Wednesday morning, after carrying out the sessions on Monday and Tuesday normally, one of the footballers who had passed the tests on Monday, had risen. with various symptoms compatible with the disease and has tested positive in a new test ”. The club has also isolated all its staff.

Faced with this wave of cases, the playoff for promotion to Primera is complicated. LaLiga set the deadline to close the playoffs on August 16. A very fair deadline in view of what is happening. The problems multiply.

Will the sports world take time to recover from the hit of the Covid-19?

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