Kate Middleton tells Wimbledon’s edifying video: “It will be worth the wait”

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Photo: Simon Stacpoole / Getty Images

  • Kate Middleton is sharing a stimulating message with other tennis fans.
  • Wimbledon would have left this week, but unfortunately it was canceled in the midst of the pandemic.
  • He says in a shared video on Wimbledon’s Twitter account: “When the time is right and we open the doors, we will come back again and it will be worth the wait.”

Kate Middleton has lent her voice to share an uplifting message with tennis fans.

The Duchess, who has been spotted many times in Wimbledon and presented the trophy to Novak Djokovic when he defeated Roger Federer at last year’s Gentlemen’s Singles Final in a short for the tennis tournament, he says: “350 days, 14 hours and 12 minutes between the last shot of the ball and when the next is expected to be. Over the years, your support has shaped this historic event. Regardless of the time of day or the names on the board, you’ve always been there, come rain or shine. “

He adds, “This year, unfortunately, things are very different”.

The tournament, which would have started on June 29th, was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate continued in the video, with an encouraging message to the fans: “We will give our time until we sit on the edge of our seats again and celebrate again. So when the time is right and we open the doors, we will we will come back again and it will be worth the wait. “


Kate isn’t the first regal to share how much she misses her favorite sport. His video comes shortly after Prince Harry has recorded a video message from home for England Rugby.

“This pandemic may have paused the game, but it didn’t take away our spirit,” he shared in the short clip shared on social media.

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