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Jockey banned for role in horror Rosehill case

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Champion Winx’s top jockey and regular driver was suspended on Thursday at the last meeting of the 2019-20 season in Rosehill for six weeks due to careless driving on Smart Image.

Bowman tried to angle the fence on Smart Image near the 300m to position himself outside the heel of the leader Mr Colorful, who was ridden by Glyn Schofield.

As he moved, he made strong contact with Andrew Adkins’ Mount Hot ‘N’ Hazy, who cut off his heels and fell.

Adkins broke his leg in two places, broke his shoulder and suffered several broken ribs.

The horse could not be saved.

Bowman admitted that the incident had affected him, as well as comments on social media.

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“The circumstances and the drama of the consequences of what you consider negligent have made this case a very high profile case, much more than your normal careless driving situation,” Bowman told the stewards.

“It has affected me and my family and I want that to be taken into account.”

Bowman maintained his position of due diligence on board Smart Image, and other factors contributed to the scrimmage.

He pleaded not guilty of careless riding and said while frontal shots showed that there was insufficient space for his horse between Mr Colorful and Hot ‘N’ Hazy, the rear angle was a different case.

Bowman admitted that his timing may have been slightly wrong because he hadn’t raced in five weeks and also expressed regret for the aftermath of Adkins and Hot ‘N’ Hazy.

“Unfortunately, Andrew’s injuries are not life-threatening, but they are significant,” said Bowman.

Hugh Bowman (all red) on Smart Image wins the race when Andrew Adkins sees Hot ‘N’ Hazy fall. Picture: Getty

Bowman “repented” about the incident

“I was found negligent and despite the fact that I did not plead guilty, I am sorry that the incident happened.

“I understand what we are doing is dangerous and making decisions in a split second can have dire consequences, as is the case here.”

Stewards generally use a careless driving template to determine the penalty. However, this was thrown out of the window due to the seriousness of the incident.

Chairman Wade Birch said their starting point was a three-month ban, given Bowman’s excellent safety record – he has been banned once for careless driving in the past 12 months – and the number of feature race meetings he will miss The sentence was reduced to six weeks.

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Bowman did not make any trips to Randwick on Saturday and will begin suspension immediately.

He will miss the first Group 1 race of the season in Sydney, the Winx Stakes, on August 22nd and will return to a carnival gathering in Rosehill on September 12th.

Schofield and Robbie Dolan also participated in the investigation and both were released from careless driving.

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