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It starts from Ibra (and Maldini): an ambitious market, the goal is the podium. Fans believe it: boom in new shirts

by archysport

The figure is impressive: + 1700%. It is the one relating to the sales of the new AC Milan shirt compared to the same period in the launch days of 2109. The fans believe in a team that has returned to be credible and reliable, never so much in the last 6/7 years. There had been the 68 points of Gattuso of the past season, conducted for the most part at the turn of the 3rd and 4th place, but the first Giampaolo revolution, the advent of Pioli and the January market have overturned the fabric and today the Milan’s face has completely changed. The coach’s confirmation was strongly desired (also) by the team and in fact today involves the contracts of Ibra, Gigio, Calahnoglu and Romagnoli. In addition to Paolo Maldini’s decision to stay, even though he was only partially informed of the back-to-back on Rangnick.

From now on he has to breathe new air with Paolo: if Gazidis really wants a team game also from the management, he will have to be the first to involve him. All the faults of the world can be attributed to Maldini, but compared to a year ago Kjaer, Hernandez, Bennacer, Saelemakers, Ibrahimovic and Rebic are the owners of this team. Of these, 3 arrived at Christmas. And this team in the second round made 38 points pending Cagliari which could make the odds jump to 42. A projection from the championship or second place. But now enough with these partial rankings! Really enough! If we take the last round of Montella, in December the Rossoneri played an advance in Genoa that would have been worth the partial first place. They lost, and it was dark. The calendar year 2018 of Gattuso was from 3rd place, I return group 2018-2019 from Champions. Result? We regularly arrive fifth or sixth. Now stop! You have to aim and get to the podium, glue these fragmented strips that know a lot about Gallian ranking and play an entire championship at the top, an entire season for adults.

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I don’t get excited about appearances. The work that led to 8 wins and 3 draws, 32 goals in 11 games, is not only the result of the post lockdown. It has more distant roots. Now this team is convinced, it is having fun, it has the right spirit, it knows what to do, it manages the 90 ‘, it doesn’t break if it goes underneath and it doesn’t get excited if it goes on.

Now the team is close around Maldini, Pioli, Ibra and must take note of the goodwill of Singer and Gazidis to continue in this direction, a sensible and shareable choice in the face of those who (like me and everyone else) gave Rangnick for sure . We need 3 thick, classy, ​​performance reinforcements: we have to get back on the podium. Nobody talks more than 4. place: we target the podium. Point.

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