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Ignoring Talent Guides Suggestion, Manchester United Missed Opportunity Boyong Christian Pulisic

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While still pursuing a career in Dortmund, this Chelsea star was briefly recommended by United talent scouts.

Christian Pulisic’s current career might be very different if Manchester United want to follow the recommendation of one of his talent guides.

Jorge Alvial, a former United talent scout, said he had suggested Red Devil to recruit Pulisic when the attacker is still pursuing a career at Borussia Dortmund. However, United chose not to pay attention.

Pulisic began his junior career in Europe with Dortmund before being promoted to the first team in 2016. The United States striker successfully scored 19 goals in 127 appearances for the club. His neat appearance while in Germany was enough to convince Chelsea to bring him worth £ 58 million last year.

In his first season in uniform The Blues, Pulisic’s performance was fairly decent with the contribution of ten goals and ten assist. Going forward, Pulisic’s career prospects are predicted to be as successful as his predecessor, Eden Hazard.

Alvial was not surprised by Pulisic’s rapid development, because he had been observing it himself since he was in Dortmund. During his two years as United’s chief international talent scout, Alvial had asked the club’s directors to bring Pulisic.

“When I took the job, the player I immediately recommended was Pulisic because I knew his background,” Alvial told Manchester Evening News.

“I know he is developing rapidly in Dortmund and he will continue to grow and develop, and eventually he will become a superstar.”

“I always believed in him. We have close relations with his father and I told him that I recommend Christian to Manchester United.”

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“Many times I gave that recommendation, but at the same time my job only covered North America. Because he played in Germany, he was not in my scope. We had a list of targets and he was at the top along with Alphonso Davies. “

“I really, really recommend United to recruit him. Not just saying ‘look at this boy’, but ‘recruit this boy’. I feel the tremendous potential of him,” explained the man from Chile.

When asked why United did not make an offer for Pulisic, Alvial could only guess that the English giant was doubtful of the attacker’s ability to play at the highest level.


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