“I would like to have dinner with Muhammad Ali” – Eugenie Bouchard

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Canadian Eugenie Bouchard recently participated in the One Credit Invitational tournament. The tournament saw the participation of the current Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin, Victoria Azarenka, etc. A few days ago he collaborated with Azarenka for a show and spoke about the dinner with the great boxing Muhammad Ali.

Azarenka is now hosting a new series called 20 in 20 on the Tennis Channel Youtube page. In this series, he will ask players 20 questions about anything related to them. This could provide fans with some inside information about their top players and during this break, players could connect more with fans.

Eugenie Bouchard

The first guest of this show was Genie Bouchard. And she was raw and honest with her answers. The questions ranged from his favorite brunch partner to his guilty pleasure during the blockade.

“Dinner with Muhammad Ali will be incredible” – Eugenie Bouchard

An interesting question was about a dream dinner with an athlete. Azarenka asked Bouchard-

Dinner with any athlete you would choose?

Bouchard chose boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is admired by every sportsman for his skill and will and therefore it is not surprising that he chose the legendary American.

“I would like to have dinner with Muhammad Ali, it would be simply incredible” she answered.

Speaking as a fan, she said it would be amazing to have dinner with Ali.

Muhammad Ali

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Going back to her career, she hasn’t been at her best on the tour for five years now. Ever since she suffered a concussion injury at the 2015 US Open, she has spiraled down and has now ranked 332. She was number 5 in the world in 2014. This has caused her a huge loss in sponsors too.

His 2020 before the blockade did not go so well. Bouchard failed to qualify for the Australian Open while crashing in the final qualifying round. He has recently played doubles and mixed. In 2019 he won his first Double title in New Zealand, collaborating with Sofia Kenin.


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