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“I believe in Diemers because he continues to invest in himself” Feyenoord news

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Mark Diemers made the switch from Fortuna Sittard to Feyenoord this summer. The midfielder, who had seven goals and six assists last season, invests a lot in himself and seems to do everything he can to succeed at Feyenoord.

Loran Vrielink is an entrepreneur and guides his company Tactalyse several footballers from home and abroad. The tactical performance coach supports Stefan de Vrij and Leroy Fer, but Diemers was the first professional to dare to collaborate four years ago. “We showed him in a message on social media how we can help him tactically and he was immediately very positive. Shortly after that, Wout Droste, Wout Brama and Leroy Fer followed, so from there the ball started rolling. ”

“Mark in particular was immediately enthusiastic and showed eager to learn and positive during our sessions”, 28-year-old Vrielink continues in conversation with Football zone. “An ideal student. He really lives for the sport and does everything to get better. I am therefore not surprised that he makes the step to Feyenoord. ”

Vrielink met Diemers in 2016 when he was still active at De Graafschap. After being a banker at both FC Utrecht and FC Groningen, he deliberately chose to step back. “It takes guts. He dares to make choices and has only gone upward in recent years. I also expect that he will continue to do so because he has consciously invested in himself. He is constantly trying to position himself in dangerous places and dares to demand the ball there. In Doetinchem he first played at six or eight, while he is now an attacking midfielder. ”

“In that role he feels more comfortable and you can see that in the statistics,” continues Vrielink. “He has created an upward trend in his own way. I believe in him because he continues to invest in himself and is consciously doing it. You see way too many players who have one very good year and then go downhill again. That is not the case with Mark. Of course it remains dependent on many factors whether he succeeds at Feyenoord, but I think that Dick Advocaat will give him a fair chance to prove himself. ”

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Vrielink does notice that competition in midfield is fierce. Nevertheless, I think he can handle the level with his qualities and that he can become a stable factor within that team. Then the question is whether he gets the opportunities in the preparation or whether they fall back on the successful trio of last season. I think he will be successful soon if he can show himself a few duels in the preparation. The question is how quickly he will find his place, but once he has the confidence, he will have a fantastic future. I am convinced of that after having followed him for almost four years. ”


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