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Gymnastics Federation halts top sports program for women’s team

by archysport

The board of the Dutch gymnastics association KNGU freezes the program of the Orange women selection during the investigation into abuses in sport. For the time being, the six coaches involved may not exercise their function as trainer of the union.

The KNGU thus responds to testimonials from several former gymnasts, who stated that coach Vincent Wevers has systematically been guilty of transgressive behavior. Wevers, and also Gerben Wiersma, may not be involved in the Olympic team during the investigation.

Both trainers are employed by the KNGU and may not be active in gymnastics for the time being. The four other trainers who also work for the national team may continue to work at their current gymnastics clubs. The union is going to discuss the desirability of these with those clubs, now that an investigation has been opened.

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