Griezmann, the transfer of 120 million that becomes residual

“To make these kinds of statements you should have the keys to the truck. This is not the case because you are a passenger ”. The father of Antoine
Griezmann wrote this message yesterday at noon Instagram. The text accompanied some statements by Quique
Setien in which the coach reflected on the replacement of his son and said that he had felt bad about removing him in 90 against Atlético, but that he was not going to ask for excuses. Therefore, the French parent challenged the authority of the technician. In turn, the footballer’s brother wrote that “he had wanted to cry” when he saw that he was only going to play two minutes. The two family members erased their messages soon after.

This is the Griezmann case or the final nonsense. How a transfer that had to be strategic for its amount, 120 million euros, has become residual, a regular substitute when the League is at stake.

If before the confinement the Frenchman’s fit was being very complicated due to his lack of adaptation to playing on the wings and due to the lack of the necessary chemistry with his teammates, with the express resumption of the championship the matter has gotten much worse. Griezmann has been a substitute in three of the last four games, he has only played in one of the six games and has not scored a goal. In fact, he has not scored in the last nine league commitments.

Why do you want a Ferrari if you don’t know which road to take it on? Why buy it if your teammates are not going to make things easy for you? Questions that Barça should have asked itself before signing Griezmann. If he did, it is clear that the answers he found are not being put into practice.


The footballer’s father and brother criticize the coach for putting him alone at the end against Atlético

By the sides he is a wasted player, in the attacking midfielder, his natural place, Messi is already there, and to play nine he meets the omnipresence, if he is not injured, of Luis Suárez.

“You always have to try to keep Suarez on the field, Leo the same and it was not easy to find a place (for Griezmann) without destabilizing the team,” Setien said Tuesday. A phrase of importance for what he has in concession with the sacred cows of the team and because he recognizes that he does not know how to make useful, and above all, important, the role of Griezmann.

The French, as a crystalline example of the club’s erratic sports policy. A Barça that agreed to sign the exrojiblanco a year after he left him in evidence when deciding to stay in the Metropolitan, documentary through. That staging to say that he did not come to the Camp Nou caused his name to be marked with a cross in the Barça locker room; a cross that has not yet been removed from above.

It cannot be said that the striker did not try, especially at the beginning. But the confetti he showed on the first day he marked long ago is stored in a drawer. The quality is not disputed, but it does belong to another soccer ecosystem. Although that is not their responsibility, but those who have invested more than 400 million since Neymar packed. Then you have to balance the numbers as it is every June 30, although this time the coronavirus has weighed its own in the income statement.


The technician’s concessions with Suarez make Griezmann’s fit in eleven even more difficult

Nor Dembélé for the injuries and their lack of mentality. Nor the sad Coutinho. Not now Griezmann. The best positioned to occupy the left flank in the future for Barça seems to be the young Ansu Fati. Due to its characteristics and ability to progress, it has the opportunity to consolidate as long as Barça does not continue signing cards without rhyme or reason, which it must then place on its album without tail and shoehorn.

Meanwhile, when the season ends, we will have to see what happens to Griezmann. If you don’t give it a second chance, it won’t be easy to put it on the market. Neither does Coutinho. Barça does not leave one and is already getting into another.



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