GM Networks Sean Marks denies Gregg Popovich’s wild voice “Godfather’s Offer”

Could Kevin Durant and Gregg Popovich join Brooklyn?

NBA Twitterverse that the Nets are preparing to try to lure the legendary coach away from the San Antonio Spurs." data-reactid="17">As unlikely as the scenario is, there is a rumor hanging around the NBA’s Twitterverse that the nets are preparing to attempt to lure the legendary manager away from the San Antonio Spurs.

Stay with me here.

NBA player Gerald Brown joined hosts Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells, and guest Amin Elhassan. Brown said this:" data-reactid="19">During a recent episode of the “Let’s Get Technical” podcast, former NBA player Gerald Brown joined hosts Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells and host Amin Elhassan. Brown said this:

“There is a story that the Brooklyn Nets owner is trying to make a ‘godfather offer’ to Gregg Popovich, and when I say the godfather [offer], is something he cannot refuse, “said Brown.” Listen to this news, and it will probably circulate more in the next few days, I will not buy it at all “.

Brown did not cite a source on this rumor. But in March, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith mentioned Popovich’s name as one of three candidates for net work (H / T The Spun), along with former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue and former coach of Warriors Mark Jackson.

The Pop-to-Nets voice had enough legs to return to Brooklyn’s GM Sean Marks, who was asked during an interview on WFAN radio in New York about the idea of ​​pursuing longtime coach Spurs.

“Pop has a job,” Marks told Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Friday. “So I’ll say it. And of course we all know he’s an amazing and amazing coach, and to be quite frank, an even better leader. So I’ll let Pop continue to train for the Spurs, and he must and must. who is quite happy. “

But would it make sense for the Warrior nemesis to leave San Antonio for Brooklyn?

NBA restart in Orlando, but he might not be the answer in the long run." data-reactid="28">Goals need a permanent manager for the 2020-21 season. Brooklyn fired Kenny Atkinson in March and interim coach Jacque Vaughn will lead the bare bones team to restart the NBA in Orlando, but may not be the long-term answer.

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving are going to want a coach with experience and a proven plan. While Lue won an NBA title with the Cavs, and Jackson laid the foundation for the Warriors, they aren't the sexy picks." data-reactid="29">Durant and NBA superstar Kyrie Irving will want an experienced coach and proven plan. While Lue won an NBA title with the Cavs and Jackson laid the foundation for the Warriors, they are not the sexy choices.

NBA teams for the last two decades, but they've fallen on hard times. Their streak of 22 straight NBA playoff appearances likely will come to an end this season, and they don't have a bonafide superstar to build around for the next few seasons." data-reactid="30">Why should Popovich leave San Antonio, where he has been trained for 24 seasons? Spurs have been considered the gold standard for NBA teams in the past two decades, but have fallen in difficult times. Their 22-game streak in the NBA playoffs will likely end this season and they don’t have an authentic superstar to build in the coming seasons.

So maybe it’s time for Pop to pursue a new challenge. Sure, he’s 71 and he’s been a league manager since 1988, so maybe his next move is to hang notes.

But if Popovich wants another chance to win a ring, running into Brooklyn may not be the worst idea, especially if the nets are willing to make a “godfather offer” for him.

There would also be Durant’s strange twist in collaboration with Warriors coach mentor Steve Kerr.

NBA title contention, they might be looking at Popovich, Durant and Irving across from them in the NBA Finals." data-reactid="35">If Pop had really made the move, the Warriors wouldn’t have had anything to do with him in the Western Conference, but if they returned to the NBA title contest, they could watch Popovich, Durant and Irving face them in the NBA Finals.

NBA Twitter might explode if that happened next summer." data-reactid="36">This is a juicy storyline. Twitter NBA could explode if that happened next summer.



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