Fantasy football draft: 12 teams, PPR

As we enter the last week of July, football is in the air. That can only mean two things: it’s time to sign up for ESPN Fantasy Football and hit the fake drafts hard.

ESPN experts have already hosted two mock drafts this season – a 12-team PPR draft in May and a 10-team PPR draft in late June – and this week, after a month of practice in the mock draft lobby. , they got together for another 12-team standard PPR simulation project.

The participants in this simulation project, in order of draft position, were: Keith Lipscomb, Damian Dabrowski, Matt Bowen, Mike Triplett, Tristan H. Cockcroft, Kyle Soppe, Joe Kaiser, Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp, Cameron Wolfe, Stephania Bell and Eric Karabell.