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Fans can help pay for the new Feyenoord stadium Football

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The plan is that private individuals can invest in the new stadium with relatively small amounts. “We are still looking into when this financing product can best be put on the market,” the college writes. The municipality of Rotterdam is investing 40 million euros in the construction of the stadium, which is to be built on the banks of the Maas. A few wealthy people from Rotterdam, united in the Friends on the Maas, have, like some banks, already agreed to participate in the financing.

As the main user of the stadium, Feyenoord would make a decision this summer about the continuation of the construction plan, but this will take a little longer, partly due to the corona crisis. Talks about the arrival of a new stadium in Rotterdam, which should cost 440 million euros, have been going on for years. The plans create divisions among the supporters. A lot of Feyenoord fans want to stay in De Kuip.

The stadium, which is to accommodate 63,000 spectators, is part of a large area development plan: Feyenoord City. The possible move of De Kuip to the new stadium was postponed by another year at the end of 2019, to mid-2025.

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