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Patrick Mahomes will always be “the one who escaped”. Not just for the 49ers, not just for the Chicago Bears, but for a handful of teams.

Mahomes somehow fell into the Kansas City Chiefs with the No. 10 pick in the 2017 NFL draft, and now he’s been going nowhere for a very long time. Mahomes and the chiefs agreed Monday to a 10-year contract extension worth $ 503 million.

The 49ers, who had the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft and selected Solomon Thomas after swapping a spot with the Chicago Bears, saw the grandeur of Mahomes first-hand on the brightest stage just five years ago month. San Francisco forced Mahomes to two interceptions and sacked the 2018 NFL MVP four times. But that was not enough.

Mahomes and the Chiefs trailed the 49ers by 10 points with just over six minutes left in the Super Bowl LIV. They then scored 21 unanswered points, beating the 49ers 31-20. In the blink of an eye, Mahomes stole the Lombardi Trophy from Jimmy Garoppolo and the rest of the 49ers.

Although they don’t play in the same conference, the Mahomes who stay in Kansas City for at least the next twelve years are a big hurdle for the 49ers winning their first championship since the 1994 season. How can they compete in the long run with the Chiefs for their own Super Bowl rings? Here are three keys to a difficult task.

The development of Jimmy G

This is where I put my Captain Obvious hat. Yes, it all starts with Garoppolo, who played as well or better than Mahomes during much of the 49ers’ loss of the Super Bowl. But Garoppolo did not succeed, there is no denying it.

We must also remember that this was Garoppolo’s first full season in the Kyle Shanahan system, a year after tearing up his ACL. Still, he still led the 49ers to 13 regular season wins while passing for nearly 4,000 yards, and completed 69.1% of his pass attempts. Garoppolo was not at Mahomes’ level last season, but he was very good.

The simple fact that Garoppolo is ranked in the top five in the NFL in terms of touchdowns (27), completion percentage and attempted yards (8.4). He deserves more respect and his coach feels the same.

“Jimmy was one of the best quarterbacks in the league (last year), and there’s still plenty of room to grow,” said coach Kyle Shanahan at State of the Franchise virtual event. of the 49ers. “And he knows it.” I know it. Having only one year in this league for him to do what he has done is very exciting.

“I can’t wait to start with him this year. And I expect it to get better and better every week. “

The 49ers defended Garoppolo during the offseason. He has his faults, of course. He is also one of the best QBs in the league. If the 49ers have to complete several championship races, Garoppolo must continue to develop their game.

It all starts with Jimmy G.


Re-sign George Kittle

The offensive begins with Garoppolo, but Kittle is perhaps the biggest cog in the machine. There is a reason why he was the highest rated player of Pro Football Focus in the match last season.

Kittle is the biggest unicorn in football. It is partially injuring the offensive lineman and the catcher with the bulldozer. The close end is truly the best of both worlds. He also has to pay a huge salary.

The San Francisco All-Pro is expected to be a free agent after this season. The point, however, is to never let it happen. His agent believes that Kittle will be a long-term 49er, but a new contract will be required.

“George is a very special player. He needs a special contract, “Bechta told Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area on the 49ers Insider Podcast. “And these things take time for both parties. It’s a nice problem for everyone.

“At the end of the day, I hope the Niners will do the right thing and take good care of George as they should. But I trust the process. I will not comment on where we are, the numbers or anything like that. But I hope it will be done. “

It has to be done. The 49ers are a Porsche with Kittle on the ground, and a battered Honda Civic – to my own car that has become the favorite training target of The City drivers – without him.

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Keep Fred Warner long term

For Kittle’s importance in the 49ers’ attack, Warner has almost as much of an impact on defense. He’s the perfect hybrid linebacker in today’s modern NFL, the one who can actually slow down elite QBs like Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

In the Super Bowl alone, Warner put on a show. He had seven tackles, a forbidden pass and intercepted Mahomes.

Warner has averaged 121 tackles in his first two seasons in the league. Most importantly, he is dominant in the defense of the passing game. He’s already one of the best linebackers when it comes to breaking passes, and had a cover score of 74.5 of 1,166 shots in total last season. It was the fifth best score of any linebacker who played at least 1,000 snaps.

In two seasons with the 49ers, Warner has three interceptions and 15 defensive assists. He also added three bags and three forced fumbles last season.

Warner, a third-round pick in 2018, is signed over the next two seasons. The 49ers must keep it longer in the Bay Area.

It all starts with Garoppolo and Kittle is the engine that drives the offensive. Warner, however, is at the forefront of a race of linebackers who can change the game into defense, even giving stars like Mahomes headaches for years to come.


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