SportsPulse: The NBA will end the regular season with 88 games in 15 days during its Disney bubble. USA TODAY Sports’ Mackenzie Salmon identifies the five not to be missed.


For all the unanswered questions about the NBA teams who remain safe from the coronavirus and who play without serious injuries during the resumption of the season, the Los Angeles Clippers so far seem not to be interested.

For one, coach Doc Rivers looked optimistic that guard Lou Williams will participate after recently voicing reservations for fear that this would harm efforts to tackle racial inequality initiatives.

“All indications are that it is,” Rivers said on Wednesday in a conference call. “Until we get on the plane, anything can happen. But I expect Lou to be with us. I would be very surprised if it wasn’t.”

Rivers also suggested that no Clippers player, coach or staff member tested positive for COVID-19 after administering the tests on June 23.

“Not that I know of. But I wouldn’t know that information either, which is good,” said Rivers. “So far, all right. The guys have done a great job trying to protect themselves. This virus is a mediocre customer. So we’re just doing our best here.”

Things remain subject to change. The Clippers will leave for Orlando between 7 and 9 July for their resumption of the season that starts against the Lakers on 30 July. Brooklyn Nets’ DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie tested positive for COVID-19 after the NBA reported that 16 out of 305 players initially had positive tests. But the NBA has remained optimistic that no additional cases will emerge before the teams fly to Florida.

With Williams’ expected inclusion, the Clippers will have a reliable secondary scorer who has won the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award twice. Williams, who averaged 18.7 points with 41.6% of shots, helped the team with his score in several ways. He completed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George smoothly. Williams and striker Montrezl Harrell gave opposing teams the opportunity to adapt to their frequent pick-and-roll games. Williams is also a respected voice in the locker room for his dedication to the craft and inviting personality.

Lakers forward Avery Bradley has given up on the season, citing concerns about his son’s history of respiratory illness. Lakers center, Dwight Howard, has not yet informed the team about its plans amid concerns about racial justice efforts and the death of the mother of her six-year-old son in March. At the moment the Clippers have not had to manage any potential missing pieces on their list.

“Listen, it’s their choice and we support it,” said Rivers. “There are so many reasons everyone plays. But there are very good reasons why kids can give up. I don’t think many will do it. I think they’re all invested in what we’re trying to do. But you don’t hold it against anyone. in any team. These are extraordinary times. We just have to support each other. “

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