Di Bello manifesto of a grotesque situation. But the Scudetto race was just a game

The positive side is the mathematical qualification to the next Champions League with four rounds in advance, which given the last two previous ones is cast gold. A cure-all for the coronaries of the fans who will not have to wait for the resolving goal in this last 10 minutes of the last championship match. The draw last night against Roma is however an honest result for the match we have seen, after all waiting for Juventus-Lazio tonight only the media were convinced that Inter could still disturb the bianconeri in the Scudetto race. Rather, the real regret is what happened in the end of the first half, the Spinazzola draw born out of nowhere (45 minutes of sound management of the guests) that influenced the continuation of the match. Indeed, not out of thin air, because it arises from a foul by Kolarov on Lautaro that the referee Di Bello guilty does not punish live and even more guilty, even if recalled by the Var, confirms his decision. Yet the images were very clear, it was enough to admit the error and logic would prevail. Instead, now where it is possible to limit the years thanks to technology, the presumption of the whistles emerges, led to confirm one’s own error in order not to correct oneself, even at the cost of ending up circled by a blue pencil the next day. Almost grotesque situation, but it will remain so until discretion and gray areas prevail even in the presence of objectivity. And let’s be clear, nobody wants to look for excuses, the draw is right and Di Bello has made a mistake also against the Giallorossi.

Returning to the game, because it is preferable to analyze the way he rolled the ball, Conte’s team has faced the commitment with personality, going ahead and even touching the doubling against an opponent who, results in hand, was given in health . Lukaku still out, Barella has been seen again (still in the running-in phase) but it is hard to see the Toro Martinez, overshadowed by those who play alongside him and is relying on a technical rate is a superior willpower, namely Sanchez. The Argentine continues not to see the goal (shame about the nice goal canceled) and not to be useful even in other circumstances, due to an involution partially calmed by the goal at Turin. It would not be surprising, precisely for this reason, if the next game looked at her from the bench. Not as a punishment, we would miss him. But because others are better than him and deserve to play, the famous Eriksen law to which perhaps only Lukaku escapes in Conte’s head.

Beyond the exile of the Olimpico game, it seemed evident that Inter was again commissioned to represent anti-Juventus, for the mere fact of having brought it closer to -6 (-7, direct hand fights) . A game now known by the media, who have an obsessive need to keep alive the interest in an anomalous tournament that has already been dead for a couple of weeks. The Nerazzurri are no longer the anti-Juve since the farce staged on 8 March in a deserted Stadium, while in Lombardy and the surrounding area people were dying and on the rectangle of play there were players who were confused and afraid rather than loaded with value of the game. That defeat marked the virtual end of the run-up to the Nerazzurri and the -6 touched after Ferrara only confirmed that the direct difference between the two teams was the direct clashes, because both lost points on the road. And in this perspective, it makes no sense to count the lost points in an unacceptable way, because even from parts of the Continassa they could make the same speech.

Then there is a detail that has been underlined in recent days, but not enough. Inter faced the trip to Rome after that of Ferrara with only one real training in the legs, exactly that of the eve. All with the Giallorossi on the pitch (at home) the previous day and therefore with precious 24 hours more rest. Since Juventus and Lazio are playing tonight, what prevented those who drafted the program from giving the Nerazzurri a pinch of oxygen, also considering the double trip? In a context that is unusual to say the least, these details make a huge difference, especially for their repetitiveness. But if you complain, the reply is obvious: it is valid for everyone. No, not really. And Conte’s outburst at the end of the game is the best defensive harangue possible.



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