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Competition maintains the Dépor-Fuenlabrada dispute and leaves the playoff in the air

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Uncertainty continues. He Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) finally rejected the injunction requested by the investigating judge of the ‘Fuenlabrada case’, Ricardo Esteban Díaz Sánchez, and avoided giving up the duel that the Madrid team had to play in Riazor against Deportivo, corresponding to the last matchday in Segunda and that was not held due to the positive for Covid-19 in the displaced expedition to La Coruña. In this way, Competition rejected the proposal of the instructor of the file opened by the FEF, very critical of the attitude of the club in the south of the Community of Madrid in the outbreak of coronavirus that it had in the team.

This ruling therefore maintains the Dépor-Fuenlabrada disputeAs the players, coaching staff and leaders of the Madrid club had been asking for in recent days, they even went so far as to request the disqualification of the examining magistrate for considering their position partial. It stays like this the short-term ‘playoff’ dispute is in the air of ascent, to which the Fuenlabrada would access in case of scoring in Riazor, finally leaving Elche out. For its part, Deportivo remains for the time being in the relegation positions, without advancing a position as it could have happened in the event that Competition had been awarded the three points of the match, something that would have allowed them to overcome Numancia in the final table and dream of remaining in the silver category of Spanish football while waiting for what might happen later in the offices, in the event of the opinion of a hypothetical administrative decline from Fuenlabrada.

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The Federation opened file at Fuenlabrada for conducts that could be constitutive of one or more disciplinary infractions and in its providence, the investigating judge was especially harsh, since it indicated that on Saturday, more than 48 hours before the game, there was evidence of at least one positive for coronavirus among the staff, a circumstance that forced new tests to be carried out on all team members, resulting in , a total of four people tested positive before Monday morning.

Already on the day of the match with Deportivo, and taking into account positive results from various members of the club’s staff and technical staff, new PCR tests were carried out on the expedition that traveled by plane from Madrid to La Coruña. Once the displaced were in the Galician city, at the hotel where they were staying, around 17:15 the laboratory that carried out the tests informed LaLiga of eight more positive cases.

The instructor also found in his report that the City Council of La Coruña did not receive any notification on the positives, but the Xunta de Galicia and the Community of Madrid do. Likewise, he confirmed that at 19:38 hours, the president of the Referees Technical Committee informed the members that the match had been suspended, since they were still in the stadium.

“Regardless of the sanitary repercussions that this may have, and the penalties of the administrative or criminal order that may correspond, it is true that all this affects the good sports order, having hopelessly affected the competition and his integrity “, concluded the judge, who therefore proposed the measure of” loss of the match “for Fuenlabrada and that he declare himself” winner of the opponent “, Deportivo, with the result of three goals to zero”, one extreme that finally, and by surprise, Competition rejected.

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On the other hand, the Investigating Court number 6 of La Coruña, in which the three complaints that nine individuals filed against LaLiga, its president, Javier Tebas, and the Fuenlabrada, have not received a crime against public health that is part of the Penal Code. However, the judge chose to initiate preliminary proceedings if the events reported in the complaints could constitute “one or more crimes of injury or even against the rights of workers.”

Back to Madrid

Most of the Fuenlabrada expedition that was confined in La Coruña returned to Madrid after eleven days in the Galician city. In several buses, the coach, José Ramón Sandoval, footballers and other members of the club left the Finisterre hotel to go to the Alvedro Airport and, from there, fly to Madrid. Of the 46 members of the club who were isolated in that hotel complex in La Coruña, 33 were in a position to leave this venue, as it was considered their epidemiological discharge, according to the sanitary protocol.


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