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Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – 02:42

In his third stage in Vitoria, the Balinese technician achieves the impossible to resuscitate a team completely adrift at Christmas

Ivanovic and Henry celebrate the title, at the Fonteta.
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    Baskonia, an extraordinary champion: knock out Barcelona and win the Endesa League

“If you think it is suffering … If you make sense of it it is not suffering. It is motivation. It is pleasure. “

There are strange elements, hesitant by themselves, that well mixed flow without knowing very well the reasons. Dusko did it again, just like the old days. Of the 10 titles that, without counting the Super Cups, Baskonia has conquered in its entire history, six have been with Ivanovic on the bench. In the Palma’s palms as a coach – as a player he was twice European champion with mythics jugoplastika– Only the 2007 Cup is worn with Bara as a shining trophy (before he won with Limoges in France and Freiburg in Switzerland); He got everything else in Vitoria, his fetish city, to which he returned to wake up in a big way, to achieve an absolutely unexpected success.

Because no one would have bet on a resurrection again, he was a firefighter. When Perasovic’s team was completely adrift at Christmas, Dusko came to the rescue. Today, incredibly, a decade later, he once again boasts of being the Endesa League champion.

Josean Querejeta He turned to his old gur then, in what would be Dusko’s third stage. It wasn’t just a matter of nostalgia. Because few were already betting that the sergeant would once again be able to impose his old methods on a broken squad, dislodged both in ACB (he didn’t even have time to get a ticket for the Cup) or in the Euroleague. And the last times of Ivanovic did not predict anything good (Khimki, Besiktas …), as if his star was fading. And yet … Dusko’s soreness sharpened our ambition. We know his history in this club and I think we can write new pages, he warned Lucas Vildoza these days, while the Baskonia recovered the fang and the energy, the defense as it is of identity -28 points were awarded in all the second glance last night against the luxurious Bara- and the direct game in attack as a declaration of intent.

Everything changes. Basketball, the world, but Ivanovic’s philosophy continues from one year to the next: They play with intensity, pressure in defense, they look for the offensive rebound and they have enough experience, I praised him Pesic in the previous one, an old rival of so many battles (17 years ago, for example, he won a Cup with Bara in this same Fonteta).

The anticipation of what he was going to achieve was also pronounced in the days before. I came to enjoy and the truth is that I am enjoying these players who work and play so well. When I arrived I had faith in them and, luckily, we were able to change their mentality and character, which was what most failed them when I came. They were very good, but they needed to fight during the 40 minutes to win the games, he announced.

And the parón gave Dusko the perfect chink to sow in his pupils the seed of ambition, to make him forget all of the above. He replayed his martial slogans and convinced the collective. There are no excuses, no pain. Everyone has to be and will be. The physical problems that anyone may have should be forgotten, I proclaimed these days. And last night he remembered his main warrior, a Shengelia totally exhausted: We had to win for Toko, I had to win something here. And so their warriors left both in the semifinal against the host and in the outcome against the favorite. To dog face. Dusko’s law.

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