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“Bringing absolutely zero to sport” – Nick Kyrgios continues the war of words with Borna Coric

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Nick Kyrgios and Borna Coric have recently discussed recently. And this discussion started because of Nick’s criticism of the participants in the Adria Tour. Many would think that the topic would have stopped now, but it is not. Kyrgios has just taken another spin on Coric.

The argument started when Borna Coric spoke of Kyrgios’ criticisms. He felt his criticisms were “unrealistic” but said that’s how Nick is. Kyrgios didn’t like this comment at all, which is why he took Coric’s intellectual level on Twitter and criticized it.

Afterwards there were many comments and Coric’s latest was on Twitter. He said: “Really @NickKyrgios ??? Are you preaching about behavior ?? Bored too much or too much (wine glasses emoji)? “

Nick Kyrgios makes a hit on Borna Coric

As all tennis fans expect, Kyrgios has responded to this. In a tweet, he wrote, “But yes, a little bored looking at your boring tennis ass and your personality bringing absolutely zero to the sport.”

This was not the only comment Kyrgios made on the Canadian. In response to another tweet that talks about how much drama is going on in men’s tennis right now, he wrote, There was also a time when people had brains. By comparing behavior on the field and putting lives at risk, it’s embarrassing. “

Clearly, this topic has been going on for quite a while and it doesn’t look like it will end soon. However, this topic will not be the most important thing on their mind. Players will train and train hard as the ATP Tour will resume soon.

The first tournaments that will be played are the Cincinnati Masters and the US Open. Since retiring from the Cincinnati Masters, Kyrgios is likely to miss the US Open as well, but may be participating in other Tour events. On the other hand, Coric hasn’t talked about playing at the US Open, but should reveal his decision soon. .

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