Bjorn Ruytinx divides the chance between Beerschot and OHL to get a PhD 60-40 – Football News

Coming Sunday in an empty Leuven arena, Beerschot defends a 1-0 lead from the first leg of the promotion final. According to Bjorn Ruytinx, ex-player of both clubs, the Antwerpers are favorites.

In an interview with Gazet of Antwerp gives Björn Ruytinx Beerschot a 60% chance of obtaining a doctorate. “The 1-0 gives them the best papers. The fact that Beerschot played the first leg in a full Olympic Stadium is in their favor. Den Dreef will be terribly empty on Sunday”, explained The bull from.

The self-interest of the big clubs

OHL will therefore receive a 40% chance from Ruytinx to obtain a doctorate. “If you would put all the basic players from both teams side by side and rank them in individual class, a lot of OHL would be at the top. And if someone can forge a tight-knit group of players full of strong individuals in a short time, then Marc Brys is. As far as psychological warfare is concerned, Losada is currently no match for Brys. “

Finally, Ruytinx denounces the decision to continue the promotion final. “It is just a shame that that match still has to be played. Both clubs are blown away by the Pro League. But OHL maybe just that little bit harder. Why that last day in 1A could not be played and this final in 1B still there is only one reason: the self-interest of the big clubs. Outrageous, “he concluded.


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