Bilbao Athletic cries on penalties

Bilbao Athletic said goodbye this Saturday to promotion to Second on penalties in Algeciras. After playing more than 25 minutes of the second half and the entire extension with one more and being unable to knock down the wall woven by a Badajoz with a huge budget, the puppies mourn their lack of aim. Sancet and San Bartolomé missed their shots and caused the elimination of a subsidiary who dominated almost the entire match, but who lacked office, patience and spark to overcome the Extremadurans. Tears welled up in the Joseba Etxeberria players’ faces because of the farewell to the first changes – they would have had two more knockouts – and the rage of knowing that an enormous opportunity had been wasted to continue on the road to the Division of Silver.

Bilbao Athletic

Ezkieta; Areso (San Bartolomé, min. 105), Sillero, Luengo (Vivian, min. 91), García de Albéniz; Vencedor, Zarraga, Sancet; Artola (Nico Serrano, min. 68), Morcillo, Urain (Guruzeta, min. 60).


Royo; Abad, Candelas, Casado, Morgado, Guzmán (Maestre, min. 68), Caballero (Fobi, min. 94), Corredera (Concha, min 68), Adilson (Ramos, min. 73), Vázquez and Aquino (Santamaría, min 73).


1-0. M. 16 Luengo; 1-1. M. 26. Vázquez


Falla Sancet, brand Pina (0-1); Winner scores, Ramos fails (1-1); García de Albéniz scores, Concha scores (2-2); Guruzeta brand, Morgado brand (3-3); Morcillo brand, Santamaria brand (4-4); Sillero brand, Vázquez brand (5-5); San Bartolomé fails, Maestre mark (5-6).


Alonso de Ena. He expelled Casado, in the 64th minute. He admonished Morcillo, Sillero, Areso, from Bilbao Athletic, Toni Abad, Guzmán, Casado, Maestre, from Badajoz.

The meeting started with rhythm. It was not noticed that the last official match in the Second B was played more than four months ago. With the usual minutes of scoring overcome, those in which the contestants look each other in the eye and try to discern the rival’s intentions, Bilbao Athletic seized the ball and began to feel the goal. The first approach: a center in Morcillo that Artola did not arrive for very little.

The ad was already released in Algeciras, on a hot afternoon, and without an audience, of course, in the stands. The Biscayans bet on high pressure, with Urain in the lead, assisted by a Sancet that, just starting, captured an exquisite quality detail. He cuts, turns around, arms his leg … And he meets Royo. It was Bilbao Athletic’s moment, he liked it, and he assumed it was now or never. Come on, that should mark. Zarraga tried with a distant missile. And Luengo did it. Zarraga centers and, very smart, catches, half falling, the center-back put the ball in the goal of Badajoz. He does not know yet if he holed it with the cufflink or the heel, but the fact is that he scored.

The people of Bilbao stood in front, and left a groggy pinch to the pacenses, who insisted on looking for the right Adilson’s speed. Yes, he scared García de Albéniz in an action, a transfer that compromised Ezkieta and saved Luengo, but then the winger kept him in line. Little by little, the future of the party changed. The Munitis troop reacted, a historic tailored to achieve promotion. He looked for the second plays with Aquino, son of the mythical ‘Toro’. But it was a center from the left of Morgado, accurate, when the green-dressed yesterday scored the tie. The subsidiary left Vázquez alone, and paid it. Bilbao Athletic accused the blow. However, after the break to hydrate, the people of Bilbao were activated. The proof? A shot to the crossbar of Morcillo.

Domain before a pediment

The second part was born with a hand to hand of Artola who crashed with Royo. But the most notable for Bilbao Athletic was Casado’s expulsion for a double yellow card. Minute 64. The subsidiary began to dominate. With Nico Serrano in the field, a pearl that showed why there is so much hope in him, the people of Biscay played and played. To look for holes in a Badajoz that used the strategy of waiting and going against it. And they almost came up with the plan perfectly. He left three Ramos, gave the ball to Santamaría, who found Ezkieta. Shortly after, in an action that the referee interpreted as a loan to the goalkeeper, Morcillo again crashed the ball into the crossbar. Four minutes left. And nothing changed.

Bilbao Athletic dominated the extra time against an exhausted rival, who wanted penalties. Nico Serrano stood out with his class, his classmates were looking for him, and he got centers, like one from Morcillo that almost surpassed Royo. The rojiblanco domain was brutal. But there were no ideas to destroy the Munitis wall. And he played the roulette wheel on penalties. Cross came out. Ezkieta could not repeat his performance in the Cup in Tenerife with the first team. And Sancet and San Bartolomé failed. Tears. Goodbye to Second. We will have to wait another season.




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