Bavaria in front with TV money, Bielefeld in the back

Dhe uncertainties are enormous in this pandemic football summer, in which the transfer market seems paralyzed and most professional clubs urgently need to save costs. But those responsible for the 36 first and second division clubs have at least a little more planning security after the German Football League (DFL) sent a letter to its members a few days ago stating the amounts of the financial contributions from the national TV marketing.

The “kicker” has the numbers, according to which FC Bayern will receive the largest share of the total of 1.2 billion euros with 70.64 million euros, followed by BVB (69.37), Bayer Leverkusen (67.47), RB Leipzig (65.96) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (64.54). Arminia Bielefeld can calculate with 29.8 million euros, the clubs in the second division get between 22.46 million (Hannover 96) and 7.49 million euros (Würzburger Kickers). In total, 183.5 million euros less will be distributed from national marketing than originally assumed.

However, future business planning remains complicated, because nobody knows whether money will be made with spectators in the stadiums again. In addition, the distribution of the approximately 200 million euros from international marketing can only be calculated after the European Cup competitions have been completed in August. This money from media partners around the world goes above all to the top clubs, which have to reckon with losses like almost all other clubs. Because in addition to the crisis-related reduced income, the DFL is holding back a total of 45 million euros for emergencies and the financing of hygiene concepts.

The payment mode is also new: The clubs no longer receive their money in four tranches, but in the form of monthly payments. After several clubs had to worry about their liquidity at the end of last season, this regulation should contribute to a prudent handling of the money and make the clubs more independent of individual payment dates.




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